Best Pattaya Bars

Which are the best Pattaya Bars

If you are in for a great time then the walking Street is the place to go and find a great variety of the best pattaya bars. Here is a list of a few of the many bars that are highly rated in terms of service and staff friendliness in Pattaya.

The best pattaya bars in Thailand

Moulin Rouge: It could be easy to confuse this bar because of the iconic French burlesque club of the same name in Paris, but it has nothing to do obviously, this place offers an experience that has become very popular in Thailand. When you get to the place which is on the first floor you can easily see girls pole-dancing through a huge window trying to lure customers in, and it will be very hard sight to miss. You can also see the party going on inside.

Pattaya nightlife
Pattaya nightlife

– Tony’s Entertainment Complex: This place has the best bands and DJ’s in townplaying, they keep everybody inside moving, this place is always packed with people. What is attractive about this place other than the girls and the party going on inside are the very bright and stylish decor, everything is white inside which gives the place a very genuine style.

– Goodfellas: Within the best pattaya bars, this place has the best of both worlds for many, it has very delicious food, the coolest bands in town playest the latest hits and also it is a sports bar all in one. Drinks, pool tables, large-screen tv’s packed with all sport channels and with great drinks. Could there be anything better?

– FLB Niteclub: This is a place you must definitely must come to if you just want to chill for listening to great music, from old school to the latest songs hitting the charts played by live bands, this is the perfect combination for having great conversations with locals. They will always enjoy it and so will you.

– Windmill Club Agogo: This place is fit for your wallet since the price range is very reasonable and there is always great music playing, most of it from the ‘house’ genre. It is open from 10pm onward and believe it or not, it is one of the best rated bars to go to in Pattaya.

– The Pier: If you are into techno-funk kind of style then this is the place for you, it seems to appeal the younger crowd because of the laser lighting but is is for anyone really. This is one of the top places to go to in Pattaya after dark, and it is also affordable and impressive for tourists.

– Baccara: Located in the center of ‘Walking Street’, this place has it all. Girls dancing in bikinis or in tiny outfits in the middle of a huge stage and if you look up onto the 2nd floor then you will see moor girls dancing in tiny skirts through a glass floor which assures you a great view. This place is for coming in at any time, do not worry for others snagging up the hottest girls before you do, there are plenty.

– Heavens Above: This place is known by the locals, it is not very easy to find but if you ask anyone for directions you will surely be pointed in the right direction. The girls here are pretty impressive when it comes to dancing, the do not just stand there or mildly move, they are really passionate about it and do it beautifully.

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